X & Y (part 2

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X & Y (part 2

July 21, 2017 Uncategorized 0

So you forgot to wash out the bad food from last week before cooking the new dish in the pot?…

wait a second, did you even forget at all, or did you just feel like it didn’t matter, that as long as you had fresh new ingredients, condiments, water and food items, it would amount to a fresh new delicacy?

Now you don’t need Einstein to tell you that your previous relationship is likened to the dirty pot in this scenario, and as long as the pot remains dirty, every meal that comes out of it will be bad as well.

Now in a bid to get rid of the bad food, what most people do is take the pot, pour some water in it shake it as hard as they can and pour out the dirty water, just so they can cook a new dish and in a hurry. And even when this might seem like a good alternative, shaking the pot doesn’t completely get rid of the dirt. Just in case you were getting hungry from reading all this food talk, let me bring you back to your relationship and how your Ex might be ruining your chances of being happy.

before you begin a new relationship, or if you are already in an existing one. It is crucial to go through the “CLEANSE” phase as i like to call it.

The process where you take out the sponge and clean out the dirt, or scrub out the stains that were left behind from your previous relationship.

why is this necessary? because every stage of a relationship has its red, as well as its white flags. And there is a hundred percent chance you have been looking out for the wrong flags. And this does not only create problems for you, but might be the reason you haven’t been able to keep a healthy, happy relationship.


take the time to think about this…

we will continue tomorrow.

Love and lots more,

-Ego Philips Otuya

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