Arts of Ego

Harmony Piece

Title: Between us
Artiste: Iniobong Charles
Year created : 2016
Location: Surulere Lagos
Value estimated: N300,000

This piece portrays the union of male and female coming together to stay as one for the rest of eternity, or as long as forever can exist. Each object and brushstroke in this beautiful work of Iniobong’s imagination are figurative, effortlessly depicting the union the human heart craves for. The yellow depicts the hope of a brighter future, the ring like circles depict the obstacles of the world, and the stitches show what becomes of a happy Union when care isn’t taken:  how easily ties are severed, and dreams shattered by troubles and cares of the world which often leads to a broken heart.The heart, once broken, Is difficult to mend, and even when put together can never be the same again. 
This art piece encourages union between two hearts coming together as one while bringing to awareness the ups and downs associated with love and the world.
- Ego Philips 
for Afrocentric Art Initiative